holdenca said: i've been following you since 2011, looking back on my archive and found a post i reblogged from you. crazy how fast time passes.

Oh my gosh ! wow thats amazing, haha thanks for sticking around with my blog, been here since the beginning :)

Anonymous said: Hey Taylor! How are you and your husband and daughter?

Hi there anon. :) we are doing good, got our own place, im working at a dance studio over here, and leilani is going to be one year old next month! crazy how time goes!

hi guys .


update on life.

im peacing out to hawaii on wednesday. 

time to start a new chapter in life


Sorry I’m just so in love with my legs now.

Started on my other leg ! (Reblogged from my personal page)

phantomette said: I loooove your blog :)

Thanks !